About our email data Feed

Our Mail Data is collected from a variety of unique sources which include our existing network.

Valued data feed partners of MX Mail, gain real time access to over 8 million emails and an estimated, 24,000,000 URLS daily. Our email traffic is received from over 11,000,000 domains, with a broad spread of geo locations which include USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, UK and many other EU countries.

Real-Time Email Threat

Due to the high volume of malicious emails collected, our data is used to gain competitive advantage for threat

Email Delivery Platforms

Delivery systems draw intelligence from our data to analyse and assess successful delivery of emails

Email Marketing Intelligence

Brands gain insight and competitive intelligence by understanding the current email marketing landscape for their industry, like brands and competitors.

TLD Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of all domains we currently receive emails from

TLD Breakdown

MX Mail Data Spec Sheet

MX Mail Data is a trusted source of real-time email data collected from a variety of sources. MX Mail Data captures a huge volume of email data, used for a variety of applications, MX Mail Data uses include:

Source Of Data: "Catch All" email traffic from domains within our partners domain portfolio management tools.
Count Of Domains: 700,000 +
Average count of daily emails: 10 Million+
Count of sending domains: 11 Million+
Delivery method:
  • Daily FTP
  • Realtime Raw Feed
  • Bespoke
Data filtering options:
  • Keyword
  • Sender (From)
  • Recipients (To) - domains will be redacted
  • Sender IP
  • Timestamp
  • HELO name (what the sending server said it's name is)
  • Message ID - unique number we assign
  • Message including headers - many things can be extracted from this, but varies from one message to the next:
    • From, To
    • Subject
    • Mail client
    • Campaign details
    • Received
    • trace headers showing each mail server it passed through
    • Content
    • HTML, text, attachments